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Pancake leather outsole. Luxurious lambskin insole. Crafted from twin-faced sheepskin. Beautiful Antoinette Ballet Shoes.
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My uggs are so fabulous, however they do run a little small, so if you are a half size (like myself) order bigger. I didn't and they are a little tight. I cannot thank them enough for carring these boots! We all know how hard they are to find and their customer service is wonderful. I have never experienced a company more dedicated to helping the customer and sending emails/calling about my order. I recommend them to everyone!

I just received my baby blue Uggs and I must say that they are comfy and cute and without socks they’re a dream. I'm a size 7 1/2 but I ordered a 8 and with my socks they're fine but without they're a little big. Next time I order a pair I will order a 7. Classic short baby blue Uggs - I love my new Uggs! They are warm and comfortable - I feel like I am walking around in my slippers all day! They look great with pants or even skirts. I highly recommend these boots and they had them in stock when nobody else did!

These shoes are comfortable and warm. I also bought a pair of the tall waterproof Brooks to wear in snow/rain as I read on Uggs site that these shouldn't be used in real wet conditions. I love that you can wear these without socks and your feet will stay really warm, even in cold weather. I used to wear polar fleece socks to keep my feet warm with other boots and shoes, but they would sometimes get all scrunched up inside my boots and I'd have to stop and adjust them, plus polar fleece socks are expensive. Plus the lining in these boots actually almost feels like it massages your feet when they're tired.

UGG Classic Short Women's - I am havin' the toughest time trying to find size that fits me. I always wear a 10, and the 10 in a classic is very loose in the toe and the heel. I ordered a 9 and the toe is snug but the heel is slippin a lot. Can anyone tell me if that is normal? Or should I order the 8 so it's snug everywhere and maybe it'll stretch out some? I love the comfort. Very soft. I love them for having them in stock when people are waiting 4-5 months or paying 3 times on ebay. I received this pair the NEXT DAY! I just am not sure if it's my style and I don't really know what to wear the short boots with. Tall boots are easier to play with. But it's worth keeping and trying out different styles and outfits.

You really can't describe how good it feels to wear UGGS to those who don't own a pair. All I can say is that I highly recommend purchasing at least one pair because you honestly don't know what your missing. I LOVE my Uggs. I reall, really love my Uggs! I have the short in blue, pink, and chesnut, and the tall in sand. I love these. They are so comfortable that they feel like slippers. I also always get complimented on how cute my shoes are!!! I really want to try the ultra too. I say that everyone should try these boots--they are great.

Comfy, fashionable and fun! I must have checked them virtually every day for these shoes and when they came in, I ordered immediately! Their service is amazing. I ordered the boots literally yesterday and they arrived on my doorstep this afternoon. They are as comfortable and adorable as I had hoped they would be. I think they will look great with skirts and pants and they feel like bedroom slippers. Thanks !

Love these shoes! Had to order an additional pair of Uggs once I received my first pair. These shoes are SO comfortable. I normally don't spend this much for a pair of shoes, but these were a great investment. A friend was at my house when the first pair arrived, she tried them on and went home and ordered herself a pair that day!

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