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Ugg shoes are perfect for your whole family. From the smallest feet in your family to the largest one will be happy and relaxed in Ugg. Ugg are available in men, women and kids sizing. They are having many models so you can choose the one that caters to your need or you can choose one pair of shoe from all the models as all fulfill your feetís requirements very well in different places. Each model of ugg is meant to achieve some purpose.
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To die for!!!! I'm fortunate enough to own two pairs of these fabulous Ugg boots. I normally take a size 9 1/2 shoe and found that the size 9 fit perfectly. The only thing is if you order them online, the boots that are made in New Zealand tend to run a bit smaller and I had to return my size 9 sand color Uggs for a larger size. The size 9 pink Ugg boots which were made in China fit me perfectly. They are the most comfortable boots and I can't wait until the cooler weather arrives so I can wear them with my jeans (although, I do wear them around the house now with the air conditioner on). Believe me if you are doubtful don't be. I can see why they were so hard to get. I had to wait 6 months for my boots. Do your feet a favor and buy a pair. You won't be sorry.

I'm glad that I received a pink pair of boots before they were out of stock! I am enjoying my special order. The boots are fun, sexy, and comfortable. With this cool summer, they are the perfect shoe. They are a little big, though. Also they are a little wider than the same style that I purchased last year. Order down to the next half size for a better fit.

This is my second pair of Uggs (I also have the tall black Ultra Uggs) and these are so comfortable and very cute in baby blue. My one complaint is that they can easily get dirty. The Ultra or Essential Uggs are better for wearing outside, especially in winter. It's a good idea to water- or weather-proof them with a product made for suede. Thanks for the fast delivery.

They are so warm, comfy, and cute. I wear them without socks and they keep my feet nice and warm in the winter. In my opinion these run big. My Ultra Talls are a 7 and they fit fine but I needed a 6 in these. IMO it's best to size down in these (and all UGGS) because they do stretch out a bit.

My 2nd pair of Uggs... This will be my 2nd pair of size 9 Ugg boots. Both pair I purchased from them. The second pair was marked a size 9 but is more like a size 10. They both are marked size 9 but one is clearly miss marked. Even though the 2nd pair doesn't fit at all I don't feel like going through the hassle of shipping it back and waiting for a reply. Maybe it is best if you purchase your Uggs at a store where you can try the boot on for size and not go by what it is marked. Thanks, E-

UGGs are addictive! I couldn't understand what all the hype was all about until I got my first pair of Uggs. Then I was addicted! They are so comfortable. Everytime I wear them, it's like wearing a hug. I have four pairs and despite the heat I am looking forward to buying more. I am normally a 9.5 to a 10 but the 9 fit perfectly.

I ordered my ugg boots and they are sososososos comfortable--but MAKE SURE YOU ORDER I called the uggaustralia hotline and asked what size to order and they told me to order a whole size down so the 8 fit me perfect (im usually a 9 ) !! I am looking forward to ordering the baby pink and BLue ones!

I received my UGGS in two days and when I tried them on, I never wanted to take them off. They are heavenly. I cannot wait until the fall and winter when I will be wearing them all the time. I ordered a size 8 and I normally wear a size 8.5, so I recommend ordering down half a size too. They is great!

This is my 4th pair of the pink. Can't go wrong if you live in a cold climate with snow the only thing that stays warm are my feet. You are supposed to wear them with out socks. Feet stay warm and toasty. I wear a true 9--I got a nine a bit snug at first but I know they will stretch out once wearing them.

Amazing comfort and quality - These boots are a dream. They fit very well and adjusted to the shape of my foot almost immediately: my only complaint was that they felt a little small for the 11s i got. Amazing comfort, and amazing quality! They got the boots to me the next day, in love with their customer service!

I don't know if I have ever been this satisfied with an online purchase, EVER. Not only was my shipping free but later on the day of purchase it was upgraded to Priority and shipped immediately for no extra cost. I received my BEAUTIFUL new UGGS two days later. The service that they provides is so great and it shows that they care so much about their customers. I will DEFINITELY be purchasing shoes through them again and again. My experience here was so refreshing, it's hard to find companies that take the time for customer care and satisfaction like they do. Thanks so much for everything and I look forward to doing business with them again!

I've tried looking for these boots everywhere and everyone told me that I would get it in 2-3 months. They had them in stock and the style that I've been dying to get. These are the best shoes a girl can have. They're warm, cozy and so chic. It can go with practically anything. I am normally a size 7 1/2 and being that they don't sell half sizes, I got the 7 and they fit perfectly. They got them to me in two days and provided tracking info as well. I will definitely order more shoes on this site.

Run large--order at least one size down. So depressing! I've been looking forward to my Ugg shipment like a child waiting for Christmas. Lucky me that they upgraded me to two-day shipping for free, so I received the shoes the day after I ordered them. I tore into the box, ripped the paper stuffing out of the shoes, slid them on my feet, and -- oh my god. They were huge. I'm usually a 7 1/2, ordered a 7, and I'm returning for a 6 (if they have them in stock!).

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