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1" heel. Durable molded rubber outsole. Interchangeable insoles. Convenient pull-on. Heat-embossed leather logo. Classic Brookfield tall boot.
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Adorable and Comfortable - I have the Ugg Classic Short in Sand and I love them. They upgrades your shipping for free and I got them 2 business days later. They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn or owned plus they're adorable which is a huge plus. I definitely recommend them. They are worth the money.

Awesome! I bought the classic short black , and I LOVE them. They are soo comfortable, and I got them with expedited shipping, free of cost to me, from !! I want Uggs in EVERY color and style. This was my first pair of and I recommend them to everyone. They only thing is that I usually wear a size 8 shoe, but in Usizes, I fit comfortably into a 7, so order them small!

I have hard to fit feet -- wide, high arches, and arthritis. Not to mention that the tootsies get chilled really easily! These boots are so comfortable! And warm! I keep them at work to slip on when my toes get chilled. Did I say how much I love Uggs? The boots are my second style. I will be buying more.

I've wanted a pair of Uggs since I first tried on my aunt's when I was 9 years old...I'm now 20 and couldn't have made a better purchase. The only thing I can say is I don't know why I didn't buy them sooner. They fit perfectly to my feet...I hate taking them off and if it was possible I would wear them every where...even work. I love pink so of course that's what color I got them in. The color is warm and the rubber sole lets me where them in any area--the beach, in my dads rocky yard, or even with a couple inches of rain outside. My title sums what I feel about my Uggs the best...LOVE THEM!!!

These boots are AMAZING!! They feel just like the fluffiest slippers. The comfort is incomparable. I normally wear a 9, and following the suggestions about size for this boot, I ordered an 8. They just fit. I think the 9 would have definitely been too big. One other thing, this pair was made in China, and I've heard that due to the demand for these boots, they are cranking them out at an amazing rate, and the quality might suffer as a result. I can notice a few things with the boots that support this: seams not being perfect, the patch of material on the back heel being a different color black then the rest of the boot (may be because it's suede and the rest of the boot is shearling), a stray thread hanging. But all in all these boots are great, and I will be wearing them this winter! P.S. - they were a lot lighter in weight then I expected.

My Uggs, an old friend - I just retired my first pair of them, after 18 years and replaced then with a pair exactly the same. They finally just got too dirty and ratty looking but never lost their comfort or shape in 18 years. The best boots in the world. I now have the classic short and mid calf for. Mid calf for the snow here in MI

Check where it is made before you order sizing varies - I purchased some boots earlier this year, Uggs made in China, sizing was accurate as I wore a 7 and ordered a 7 (my friend had some older ) and her 8 was equivalent to my 7. I just ordered another pair of 7's, but found it was too small, the reason was that this pair of Uggs were made in New Zealand. Therefore, they were 1 size smaller. Call customer service, they are very helpful and will help you get the proper size.

Excellent Customer Service and Products - I purchased a pair of Ugg's Classic Short boots in Baby Blue for my daughter. To my surprise, they were shipped via Federal Express instead of UPS Ground. This made me and my daughter very happy as she was able to receive them in time for her birthday. She was thoroughly pleased with the fit and look of her new Ugg Boots. Thank you, for always providing excellent service and the most up to date shoes. I would recommend that all home shoppers purchase from you.

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