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1 1/4" heel. It consists of 100% premium wool. Genuine Grade A sheepskin., It also have washable insole, that can be removed as well.
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Winter is incomplete without tall boots. Ugg has designed many beautiful and comfy boots and brooks in among them. It is the most stylish and functional boot from Ugg collection. It is warm, comfy, great looking boot with an excellent grip. It has a triple stitched toe cap which makes it extremely durable. It is awesome for both city and snow as it will keep your feet warm, toasty and dry all the time. You can wear them everywhere while hanging out with friends or going out for work. It will always make you look smart and decent.

You can wear it for as long as you want and your feet will never get hurt or feel tired. Itís the taller version of a very popular brooks style. It is made up of sheepskin and leather. And also have sturdy rubber outsole which makes it extremely slip resistant. If you want to experience the comfort of luxuries sheepskin then you have to slip your feet in to this Tall Brooks. Its insole is washable so when ever you find it dirt you can wash it straight away and if you donít want to wash it then you can even replace or remove it which ever you want.

 100 percent premium wool has been used in the making of this boot which wicks away the moisture and keeps your feet toasty and warm all the time. It is a very stylish boot and available in two colors. Both of them are equally attractive and eye catching. It has 1 ľ inch heel. It also have 12 inch shaft. Its circumference is 15 inches.

If you are a fashion lover and at the same time you want comfort, coziness, softness and durability then this boot is a must-have for you.


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Wore Them All Over Paris...and Milan - I bought 2 pairs of Uggs, at first--a classic short and an Ultra Tall back in July 2003. Went to Paris in Nov 2003 & wound up wearing them ALL over. They're great for going through airport security--no metal! And, one day I put on a pair of high heeled boots to tour The Louvre, but made my husband stop back at our hotel to change into my Uggs before I was ready to walk any more--they felt wonderful and the famously fashion-forward Parisians and Milanese couldn't stop staring! I now also have them in pink and I am waitng on my ruby classic shorts (ordered back in Jan 2004!!) to be delivered in 2 wks. I love them and plan on wearing them even when they go out of fashion! (The men in my life don't find them very sexy though!)DO check where they've been made--the newer ones are not always from Australia or new Zealand.

If you have doubts, just buy them, you'll be glad you did - After the whole craze last year, I was very reluctant to even LOOK at these. I tried on some fake UGGs and was amazed how how comfy they were. I decided if the fake ones were that comfy, then the real ones must be amazing. Well, they are. These are the most comfortable boots I ever wore. There is no breaking in period, and they instantly warm up your feet. Wear them without socks--it's like a big marshmallow on your feet. Size down a whole size. Bring on the cold weather!

These shoes are sooo comfortable! I love them! They run a whole size bigger then marked, I usually wear a 9, but ordered an 8 and they fit perfectly! I cannot wait until fall/winter weather to truly enjoy them!

They were perfect, except I would suggest buying a size smaller than you usually wear. Not to mention, you can't find these shoes anywhere but here. Additionally, by ordering from them, I received my shoes in 3 days. You can beat this kind of customer service.

I found my bliss in a boot! A friend had been urging me to consider Uggs. For months. She finally wore me down and the search was on. After finding them online and in comparing them to other online companies, I quickly learned that they had better prices and shipping than other companies. Well, I have to say that between my love of my Uggs and the excellent customer service including upgrading to fast and free shipping, I can see where an addiction to all things Ugg can transpire, especially through them. These boots are cozy, comfortable and I can't wait to test drive them in fall/winter! Even though they're great in late summer weather as well. I've already bought slippers for my mother and blue Uggs for my middle school aged daughter.

Ordered this shoe on monday (late at night) and recieved it on thursday. I put them on straight out of the box and other than sleeping, I have yet to take them off (it's friday now). I love them! They are soooo comfy. They keep your feet warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot (I didn't believe it till i tried it...about keeping them cool). warning: going by what others had said, i ordered a full size smaller than what i usually wear. i wear an 8-8 1/2 (9 for very narrow)and went with a 7. the fit is snug, but they are allready starting to stretch out a little. perfect fit. also, don't wear these with socks. they are made for bare feet.

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