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11.00 oz. 13" circumference. 12 1/2" shaft. EVA outsole, Genuine sheepskin Comfort, a knit wool and polyester blend.
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I wear them everywhere now, including in place of slippers. They're the only thing that keep my feet warm during the cold mountain winters here. And they are so comfortable! They are a little bigger than I thought they'd be for my size, but no way was I going to return them and risk not being able to get them at all. I also gave myself a gift of the ultra talls.

I recently broke my toe, and was in despair over what shoes to wear for an upcoming trip to Washington, D.C., since the only thing I could wear comfortably was a pair of fleece slippers. My teenaged daughter, who owns a pair herself, suggested Uggs. I called every store in my area, but they were sold out of all in my size and estimated that if I joined a wait list I might get them by mid-February. I tried them, and a pair of Classic Shorts in my chosen color arrived on my doorstep within two days. Following other reviewers' suggestions, I ordered a size 7 for my size 8 foot. They fit perfectly, are warm and cozy, and I can walk comfortably in them even with my broken toe.

Women's in black - My sister and I are in love with Uggs! We ordered a black pair in size 7 yesterday (Tuesday morning) and the boots came today (Wed. afternoon)! So fast! Originally, I was waiting for a size 6, but the 7 fits my size 8 foot perfectly! We are now ordering a 7 in Chestnut, so we can share.

A trend that makes sense! I started buying UGGs about eight years ago and fell in love with them. I've bought new pairs in various styles and colors ever since (Except last year when it was impossible to get them.) Hey, you can't blame fashion for finally catching on! I will continue to wear this boot even though it is "out of stlyle" now and I don't blame anyone else who decides to try it out despite the look being played out. Go for it! You won't be sorry.

I ordered a pair of Classic Short in Black (size 7) yesterday morning, and they came this afternoon. Terrific! They are perfect. Mine were made in China, but I can find nothing to complain about. I am normally an 8 and a half, but the 7 is perfect. Watch out; your toes and heels will turn black, and the shoe does shed a teeny bit. I am now waiting for the chestnut in a 7! I can't wait to wear them to school tomorrow.

I ordered my lilac uggs Monday evening and they were here on Wednesday! Free shipping and handling you can't beat that. They even upgraded the shipping with no charge! Oh and talk about comfortable, I have them in navy, pink, ruby, black, lilac and light blue now. Guess you could say I have an obsession for these boots! Classics run larger, I wear a 10 but 9 fits great.

Very Comfortable! The classic short in ruby are awesome. I also have Classic Tall in Black & Sand, but these are very cute to show off a little color! Plus, ruby is the most sought after color this year. They really go with a lot of the red I have in my closet, as well as black and brown. Get the Classic Puff in ruby to match.

I just received my classic short ruby's. They are great they up graded the shipping and my boots were here in a day and a half. I am however returning them because the quality of the boot made in China is absolutely horrible. I have a pair of the ultra tall's made in New Zealand and they are far superior in quality. I hope Ugg comes to their senses and stops producing these boots in China! Their returning is free and so easy though I would shop here again in a heart beat!

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