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Hats are not only worn for cold but they are worn for fashion too. Ugg hats are the vital part of ugg collection as the looks of people look incomplete without a cute hat especially in winter. All the hats offered by Ugg are extremely stylish, incredibly comfy and very soft. They are available in different colors and looks great on every one. Ultra Bucket, Rouched Bucket etc are ultra comfy and provides you supreme warmth. If you want a funky look then you can have Urchin cap, Belted city cap etc which will not keep your head warm but also change your look and drag the attention of everyone. If you want a cow boy look then natural fray hat or fray linen bucket will suit this purpose the best.
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Bucket Hat Ultra Bucket Headband Visor Cap Rouched
Flat Top Cardigan Oversize Laced Croche Belted City
Fray Linen Natural Fray Urchin Double Belt Cowboy Hat
Beanie Scarf Crown Black Logo Trim Logo Bucket


They are very very ugly, but I need them for work, and they are very comfortable. After having foot surgery in July of 2007 my podiatrist and all of her staff suggested that I start wearing Crocs. My boss said that I have to wear a "full coverage" shoe; and the all terrains is the only one that meet both. Shoe is very light and comfortable. I wouldn't want to wear it for hiking or even any serious walking because, like all Crocs, the All Terrain has an overall loose feel and doesn't provide much support. I bought the shoe to wear when I would otherwise wear regular Crocs but cannot do so because of wet weather. The All Terrain is not perforated, laces up and is puddle proof. They're pretty cheap and I am perfectly happy with them.

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