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UGG Kids Footwear
We will find a few styles listed on this page, this is just a preview of the actual inventory. This brand have covered a large number of styles for kids. Take your time choosing the right style for your kids.
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Birch Boot Boo Cardy Classic Cozy
Crochet Erin Hayden La Jolla Mini
Mini Mel Sun Sparkle Tasman Ultimate Waddler


My husband Joe bought 2 pair of all-terrain crocs. Hetruly thinks they are wonderful. He wears them everywhereeven though he bought them to work in. He stands on cement all day long and he says this is the first time his feet have not hurt him. Thanks for a wonderful shoe.

I got the Crocs All Terrain shoe because they are light in weight and I can wear them to walk through the woods and wet grass when I go hunting in the early morning. They have succeeded in meeting my every expectation. They are comfortable, light, and keep my feet dry.

These shoes are great for work and really keep my feet dry. Highly recommend them but I would try them on if possible before buying because they are a little on the small size. It took me a couple of tries to get the size right but when I did I loved them. They have been comfortable from the very first day just like all my Crocs. It was great to be able to go out in the rain and no wet socks! They are great for working in the yard, walking in wet grass, and I'm very close to finding out how they will be in the snow. The shoes are extremely comfortable, as all crocs are. They seem to be warm, but I'll find out soon if they keep my feet warm in very cold weather. I'm hoping to wear them all winter as they have excellent traction.

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Stormburst Surfcat Isabella Summit
Ultimate Cuff Adirondack Tall Langley Magpie
UGG Felicity Boots Sussex Sandra Duclair
Gerty Raya Tasmina Flip Flop Goldeneye
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