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10.00 oz. 1 3/4" heel. Molded rubber wedge outsole. smooth lambskin extra comfy loafers. Beautiful stitching lines, Australian Surf Kohala Slip on Shoes. They can also work as slippers.
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These shoes are very comfortable. I wear them all day, even on my daily walk on our neighborhood gravel roads. They have no arch support, but I wasn't expecting any from a Croc. They keep your feet really warm and dry. Great for winter. A supremely comfortable shoe, well made and somewhat thicker-soled than the regular Croc. Elegant in its own way, and with more support than the open-back models. Since neuropathy makes my walking difficult, this shoe is what the doctor ordered. My feet tend to be chilly, even in Florida, so the closed design is fine for me.I receive compliments every time I wear it -- but I recommend it for soft support. Eureka!

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